Nov 222011

The latest university project, a group short film of only a couple of minutes just to demonstrate different types of shots. We could only use the faculty, so the basement became our chosen location. After collecting the material, we had a couple of hours until the actors would arrive to set it all up. We did have a camera available, which we did take, however only to record the audio as a group members DSLR would give us superior image quality and ease of use. My role? The Sound Technician.


Setting up and testing the Lighting

Lighting 2

Setting up the lighting at the second location

Lighting 3

Adjusting the lighting




Actors are here - Final adjustments

Actors 2

Actors - Practising the scene

Lighting 4

Sometimes you need to work with what you have and improvise!


Finished - Some pose for picture

Editing still to go…

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