Feb 222012

Making use of some time I had in London, I thought I would try my hand at Time Lapse photography. It has interested me for a while, I always found it mesmerising. Especially at night and the epic shots of stars moving across the sky.

I also like London. An interesting city where there is always something going on, and not to mention beautiful in it´s own way.

So I combined the two to create this simple video. Starting without an intervalometer or a tripod and just resting the camera on a wall until one of each was finally acquired. Each shot didn´t take more than an hour, most less as I didn´t have the time and had to push the button manually most of the time, with intervals of between 1 and 6 seconds.

All in all good experience and I will create more. Next up will be Eskişehir and Istanbul in Turkey!

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 Posted by at 11:07 pm