Nov 202011
Internet Use Timeline

Timeline of first encounters with the Internet

Do you find yourself using these channels in the same way as when you first encountered them or has their utility changed with time?

I would say that my usage has changed with pretty much every channel. My first email account on yahoo is no longer used, in favour of the newer hotmail (windows live) and Gmail accounts. Each account having a specific usage, hotmail for more casual communication and Gmail for more formal contact.

Another example is instant chat. MSN used to be the primary channel for me, however its use declined in favour of Skype and Facebook due to the nature of the communication.

While I did create social networking accounts such as Facebook and Tuenti, these were barely used at all until a couple of years after, when they became necessary to communicate with new aquaintances from far away places. Tuenti, the spanish social network site was used more after beginning university, as most uni friends used it, while Facebook gained use in the same year after visiting an international camp, to keep in contact with friends made there.
In later years Facebook has won over Tuenti, which I use less and less.

Deviatart suffered a brief use, and while youtube has very frequent use even now, it is more for watching than contributing, although every now and then I upload a video of something or other.

Online gaming and the associated programs (VOIP etc) are used less now, due basically to business in “real life”, work and lack of access to the gaming computer. Mostly replaced by forum usage and reading online articles, blogs and looking at various webcomics.

Twitter was a new addition, and at present is almost exclusively used to follow interesting profiles and the odd news update.

Like with everything my usage changes and in the future I see a greater use of Twitter and Blogging, perhaps youtube and regarding Facebook, not so much change for the forseeable future.

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